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Museum of Southwestern Biology
1 University of New Mexico
Albuquerque, NM 87131
Hannah Marx
UNM Herbarium
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Using the Herbarium Collections


Visiting the Herbarium

If you'd like to visit the collection for research or educational purposes, please contact the collection manager to make arrangements. We currently have an appointment policy and ask that people schedule with us ahead of time to visit or utilize the collections. We are open to the public Monday through Thursday from 8am to 5pm. We are located in the middle of the University Campus in CERIA Building 83. 

Requesting Loans

The UNM Herbarium loans specimens to established, scientifically recognized institutions for use in conducting taxonomic research by reputable scientists or their graduate students. Loan requests should be addressed to the Herbarium curator and include the nature of the research and proposed duration of the loan. 

Requests should be sent on institutional letterhead. If using e-mail, the request should originate from the supporting faculty member's e-mail account and be addressed to the curator.

Loans are generally made for one year. Extensions to the loan period may be granted upon request. Transfers of loans may be made with the permission of the curator. No portion of the specimens on herbarium sheets may be removed without prior approval. For approval, fill out and submit our Destructive Sampling Agreement.

Borrowing institutions must meet acceptable standards for security, storage environment, and handling of specimens. Outgoing loans are always packed in acid-free species folders. We expect the researcher to maintain the specimens in their original folders and not transfer them to newsprint or newspaper, as the acid and ink are detrimental to the specimens. Returning loans should be packed carefully to avoid damaging the specimens and insured at the minimum cost for tracking purposes.

Any publications resulting from the use of herbarium specimens should acknowledge the UNM Herbarium by our acronym UNM and submit a copy of the publication to the UNM Herbarium.

Searching Our Data

Please access our searchable database on the Southwest Environmental Information Network (SEINet).  SEINet gives you access to UNM’s specimen records as well as those of other state and regional herbaria. There you’ll find us when you select Search Collections in the left margin. From there scroll down the list of herbaria to the New Mexico Biodiversity Consortium, hit the plus sign and find us there. If you need more detailed information sign up for a SEINet account.

These data are for non-commercial use only and are the properties of the museum collections that provided them. Questions concerning the NMBCC website or query functions should be directed to the webmaster. Questions concerning the data should be directed to the collection manager. Neither the participating collections nor NMBCC is responsible for any misuse or unintended consequences of use of these data. The data are provided "as-is" and no warrantee is given as to their accuracy or appropriateness for your use.