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Links and Resources


Flora Neomexicana

Flora Neomexicana I, II, and III

by Kelly W. Allred and Robert DeWitt Ivey

Identification keys are provided for the 4204 taxa (3783 species) of vascular plants found in New Mexico. About one-half of the species are illustrated. Habitat, distribution, and ecological notes are provided.

Trees and Shrubs of New Mexico

Trees and Shrubs of New Mexico

by Jack L. Carter

Over 500 stunning full-color photographs not only aid in identification but demonstrate the beauty of the native flora. Over 450 finely detailed illustrations highlight the important characteristics of each species. This edition describes 496 species (21 more than previous edition) including common cultivated and introduced species. Colorful county maps show each species' distribution in New Mexico. Updated nomenclature and taxonomic information help with identification. Biographical sketches of noted botanists provide historical context. Landscaping tips for using native species help gardeners understand what plants are appropriate for the New Mexico climate.



Plants are Cool, Too!

What is Plant Taxonomy

Why Name Plants?

Do Plants Communicate?