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Museum of Southwestern Biology
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Educational Efforts by the Herbarium



We employ and provide educational opportunities for undergraduate students each semester. We encourage students interested in working and learning with us to volunteer first, which you can inquire further about by contacting the collections manager.

The Herbarium has historically collaborated with BEMP, the Bosque Ecosystem Monitoring Program. For several years we’ve worked with undergraduates that want to know more about where we live and the plants and animals that occur in the Rio Grande Bosque.

Classes Taught by our Faculty or Staff

  • Plants and People
  • Plant and Animal Form and Function 
  • Alpine Botany Reading Group
  • Flora of New Mexico - TBD Next Offering


We employ and provide botanical opportunities for at least one graduate student per semester thanks to supporting funds from the UNM Biology Department. Graduate students not already connected with us are encouraged to volunteer and get involved in a myriad of ways, including volunteering. As well, if you think your research intersects with us here at the herbarium, let us know by emailing and we can talk more about ways to connect collections to your research.


The Herbarium has historically worked closely with the BEMP program. One of the best parts of working with BEMP is the questions born of pure curiosity that come from students in the field. There’s a certain energy to an outdoor class that brings me back to my own sense of wonder about the world. We connect in different ways outdoors and it’s been an amazing journey interacting in a classroom bounded only by the limits of imagination. We also host more focused tours for K-12 groups. 


The Herbarium collaborates with local, state and federal agencies. We have started projects and interacted with the public at the Rio Grande Botanic Gardens, as well as on state and federal land (Bureau of Land Management, Forest Service, and US Fish and Wildlife Preserves), in addition to the local Native Plant Society. Community members are also encouraged to volunteer if interested.  As well, tours are requested and given to UNM courses, nearby highschools, middle & elementary schools, the Native Plant Society and private groups regularly. 

Public Events

The herbarium regulalry hosts public plant identification parties and plant collection trainings. These are advertised through the MSB list serve, the New Mexico Native Plant Society list serve, and our growing Friends of the Herbarium list serve. To be added to our list serve or inquire about events, email the Collections Manager.