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Museum of Southwestern Biology

The Museum of Southwestern Biology is a research and teaching facility in the Department of Biology at the University of New Mexico.

open weekdays 8am - 5pm
visitors welcome by appointment
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phone: (505) 277-1360
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Museum of Southwestern Biology
1 University of New Mexico
Albuquerque, NM 87131

University of New Mexico
302 Yale Blvd NE
CERIA 83, Room 204
Albuquerque, NM, USA 87131


Other Activities

  • Finding a path to science. UnO Scholar Alyssa Begay spoke to 9th graders at Rio Rancho HS about life after high school and the oprotunites in science.


  • UnO scholar Adeline Murthy is reinvigorating SEEDS at UNM. SEEDS is a program that is part of the Ecological Society of America, dedicated to ecology education, diversity, and sustainability. UNM's chapter has largely been inactive, which is why she decided to spark it back up again, in hopes of getting students excited about ecology--a very underrepresented field among UNM biology undergraduates. The group will be organizing many activities and projects, including field trips to New Mexico's LTER stations, resource conservation on tribal lands, and community outreach in New Mexico's public schools.
  • More scholars reach NM’s youth over the waves: Angie Swanson and Diego Matek, appeared on KUNM's Childrens hour, to speak about their research and what animals do over the winter.  Click here to listen to the show.
  • The Biology Department at the University of New Mexico hosted 65 8th students from 21st Century charter school.  The teacher, Andy Cordova, was hoping to give these students exposure to College and perhaps inspiring them to go into Biology. UnO scholar, April Chavez, gave a ten minute talk to these students about her research and how she got into science.  It was a great talk that hit just the right note with 8th graders and they asked her many questions, including "What else did you dissect?" According to Andy, “The kids really enjoyed the presentations and from their conversations, I think we have some future UNM Biology students.”
  • Reaching out to the general youth: UnO Scholar, April Chavez, appeared on KUNM's Childrens hour, a public radio show that airs every Saturday to bring the latest news and announcements about kids events in New Mexico. She spoke about her research on shrews. Click here to listen to the show.
  • One of our mentees, MJ Vargas, is focusing her project effects of science education outreach with elementary students. She is collaborating with the Education Department to assess the effects of informal science via a Junior Science Outreach Camp for 4th and 5th graders from a low income region of Albuquerque. The camp was held this this past August (2011; check out the flyer for this years camp), and was covered by the Daily Lobo. Read the article here: UnO Scholar and BUGS brings children to greener pastures.

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  • UnO Mentors show 2nd graders that "Science is cool!" Yadéeh Saywer and Jolene Rearick have done 2 all day presenation to the second grade classes (~80 total students) at Cesar Chavez Elementary in Santa Fe New Mexico. They took a total of 13 live animals ranging from insects to mammals, as well as museum specimens from the Museum of Southwestern Biology representing the diversity of New Mexico's Arthoropods and Mammals. The presentation included a slide show of their research and all the "cool things" you can do as a biologist, followed by a show-and-tell of the animals and a Q&A session. A second, more one-on-one presentation was done for the bilingual class, which included direct interactions with some of the specimens.

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  • UnO Student April Chavez and Mentors Yadéeh Saywer, Jon Dunnum, Jolene Rearick, and Brooks Kohli  participated in a field trip to the Doc Long Picnic area in the Sandias with ~70 seventh graders from Truman Middle School, Albuquerque. They spent the day hiking withe the students teaching them about the ecosystem that is in "their own back yard."

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