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    Main Collections

    Access to collections is permitted for research and educational purposes.

    Individuals or representatives of organizations who wish to use the MSB-DOM collections for commercial purposes or who may profit financially from its use are given access at the discretion of the Curator. These users may be charged a service fee which will be deposited into a divisional discretionary fund. Use of the collections is by approval of the divisional Curator or his/her designee, usually the Collection Manager.

    The MSB-DOM has the right to deny access to individuals or representatives of organizations who propose to use the collections in ways that are contrary to the objectives of the Museum and Division. Reasons may include: excessive costs to the MSB in terms of staff effort and use of facilities, compromised security of the MSB collections and buildings, unauthorized consumptive use of specimens, a history of misuse and mishandling of Museum materials at the MSB or other institutions, misrepresentation of credentials and affiliations, criminal activity, or disorderly or disruptive conduct.

    Visitors to the collection should call or write in advance of their visit to the MSB-DOM by contacting the Curator or Collection Manager.

    First-time users of collections are trained in specimen handling and collection arrangement before access to the collections is granted. All specimens used for study are reinstalled by MSB-DOM staff.  A list of all specimens used or examined should also be given to the collection Manager.

    Educational tours of the collection may be provided by the Curator, Collection Manager (s) or other designated staff as staff time allows. Please contact the Museum Administrator to request a tour.