New Mexico Threatened and Endangered Mammals
Common Name Scientific Name Species Photo
Bat, Long-nosed, Mexican Leptonycteris nivalis   State NM: Endangered
Bat, Long-nosed, Southern Leptonycteris curasoae yerbabuenae (NM,AZ) State NM: Threatened
Bat, Spotted Euderma maculatum State NM: Threatened
Bat, Yellow, Western Lasiurus xanthinus State NM: Threatened
Chipmunk, Colorado, Organ Mtns. Neotamias quadrivittatus australis (NM) State NM: Threatened
Chipmunk, Colorado, Oscura Mtns. Neotamias quadrivittatus oscuraensis (NM) State NM: Threatened
Chipmunk, Least, Penasco Neotamias minimus atristriatus (NM)   State NM: Endangered
Gopher, Pocket, Southern Thomomys umbrinus emotus (NM) State NM: Threatened
Marten, American Martes americana origenes (NM)   State NM: Threatened
Mouse, Jumping, Meadow Zapus hudsonius luteus (NM,AZ) State NM: Endangered
Rabbit, Jack, White-sided Lepus callotis gaillardi (NM)   State NM: Threatened
Sheep, Bighorn, Desert Ovis canadensis mexicana (listed pops) State NM: Threatened
Shrew, Arizona Sorex arizonae   State NM: Endangered
Shrew, Least Cryptotis parva parva (NM);berlandieri (NM) State NM: Threatened
Vole, Montane, Arizona Microtus montanus arizonensis (NM,AZ)   State NM: Endangered
Wolf, Gray, Mexican Canis lupus baileyi (NM,AZ) State NM: Endangered

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