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Research at the UNM Herbarium

images of plants
Asclepias uncialis, Fendlera rupicola and Symphoricarpos rotundifolius © 2004 Robert Sivinski

Timothy K. Lowrey, Professor and Curator of the UNM Herbarium

Research Interests: The main focus of my research is on biosystematic and molecular studies of the Asteraceae, particulary on Tetramolopium and related genera in Australasia and the Pacific. Currently, I am involved in the following studies:

  • Evolutionary genetics of adaptive radiation in Tetramolopium (with R. Whitkus, Sonoma State University)
  • Molecular systematics of Tetramolopium and Vittadinia (with C. Quinn, RBG Sydney)
  • Genetic diversity of Larrea in the Chihuahuan Desert
  • Biosystematic Revision of Pteronia (Asteraceae) in Southern Africa (with P. Herman, NBI, Pretoria)

David T. Hanson, Assistant Professor and Associated Curator of Bryophytes

Research Interests:

  • Evolution of photosynthetic CO2 concentrating mechanisms and the role of pyrenoids
  • evolution of the photosynthetic enzyme Rubisco and of isoprene synthase
  • physiological ecology of Sphagnum moss and general bryophyte biology
  • molecular and whole plant physiology.