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    Publications by staff
    in the MSB Division of Fishes

    Publications by the Curator, Thomas F. Turner

    Publications by the Curator Emeritus, Stephen T. Ross

    Publications by other staff



    • Krabbenhoft, T.J. and T.A. Munroe. 2003. Symphurus bathyspilus: a new cynoglossid flatfish (Pleuronectiformes:Cynoglossidae) from deepwaters of the Indo-West Pacific. Copeia, 2003(4):810-817. [774 kb]



    • Dudley, R.K. and W.J. Matter. 2000. Effects of small green sunfish (Lepomis cyanellus) on recruitment of Gila chub (Gila intermedia) in Sabino Creek, Arizona. The Southwestern Naturalist, 45(1): 24-29. [239 kb]


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    1990 and earlier

    • Bestgen, K.R. and S.P. Platania. 1990. Extirpation of Notropis simus simus (Cope) and Notropis orca Woolman (Pisces: Cyprinidae) from the Rio Grande in New Mexico, with notes on their life history. Occasional Papers The Museum of Southwestern Biology, 6(16 February 1990): 1-8 [2560 kb]
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