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Arid-Land Aquatic Food Web Ecology

Dr. Tom Turner with undergraduate students (LtoR: Lauren Kelbe, Corey Love, Erica Johnson) setting up the mesocosm study held at the Sevilleta LTER.

(photo: TB Kennedy)

About the Collection


A reference collection of taxa is an invaluable resource for researchers interested in aquatic studies. Nearly 80,000 invertebrates have been identified and cataloged since our sampling efforts began. Such a large specimen pool for the Rio Grande was previously unavailable.

Included here is a digital representation of every invertebrate taxa identified in our study of the Middle Rio Grande. As more of our samples are processed, this database will continue to grow. The information presented here is meant as a resource for other researchers interested in aquatic ecology.

Identification is carried out by a suite of members of the Division of Fishes. IDs are to the lowest level possible given our resources and experience. As such, questions or comments regarding taxonomic clarifications are more than welcome.

Museum of Southwestern Biology

Major Identification Resources:

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Undergraduate students Monica Tellez and Jane Fencl sampling in the Bosque del Apache Wetlands in August of 2008.

(photo: AS Burdett)

Unless otherwise specified, all invertebrate photos are by Corey A. Love

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