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New Mexico Bird Resources

Summer Monsoon east of Edgewood, New Mexico (A. Johnson)


1. New Mexico Ornithological Society Database

The New Mexico Ornithological Society (NMOS) has partnered with the Natural Heritage New Mexico (NHNM) to develop a searchable database of the Society's publications containing field note observations of the Society's membership. The Division of Birds is delighted to be able to provide you a link to this resource of bird distribution and occurrence in New Mexico.

The NMOS Field Notes have been compiled and entered into the database by NMOS volunteers and NHNM employees. In some cases, the interpretations made by those entering the data may be incorrectly transcribed. If you find problems with any of the data please email us and include the Sighting ID.

The query capabilities provided here in Search Records are easy to use and provide numerous variables, such as searches by the following options and in any combination of these options:

  • County
  • Common Name
  • Scientific Name
  • Volume of the NMOS Field Notes
  • Number of the NMOS Field Notes
  • Locality
  • Observer