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Welcome to the
MSB Biodiversity Informatics Program

The Biodiversity Informatics Program (BdIP) at the Museum of Southwestern Biology is an inter-divisional effort to increase access to electronic biodiversity information, develop tools to support such access, and to increase the quality and integration of biodiversity information. Biodiversity data of interest include specimen collections, observational data, nomenclatural, endangerment status, and species-level information, and localities.

MSB is involved in a number of informatics projects at different scales and with different target audiences. Within taxanomic groups, for example, MSB participates in the MaNIS, HerpNet, and OrNIS projects to provide georeferenced data for mammals, herps (amphibians & reptiles), and birds respectively. MSB participates in New Mexico Biodiversity Collections Consortium (NMBCC) , a coalition of New Mexico universities to provide access to specimen data for the state across taxa. Natural Heritage New Mexico, a program of the MSB, developed and maintains the Biodiversity Information Management System used by the US Forest Service, Region 3. At an international scale, MSB personnel are involved in the Biogeomancer Project, an international corsortium developing online georeferencing tools and georeferencing standards for the natural history community.