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Online Data from the
USGS Biological Surveys Collection, Albuquerque

Search our Collections

    Click below or here for access to our online searchable database.
    Requests for additional data can be made by contacting the USGS Collection Manager.

  • Search our bird and mammal collections through Arctos.

  • To search only USGS mammal specimens in Arctos:
    1. select "MSB Mammals" from the "Institutional Catalog" drop down menu
    2. select "USGS catalog" from the "Other Identifier Type" drop down menu
    3. enter any other desired search terms in the appropriate fields
    4. click on "search"
  • Search our bird collection through the ORNIS portal.

  • Search our mammal collection through the MaNIS portal.

    USGS images
    White Sands National Monument, Canyonlands National Park overlook, Great Sand Dunes NM, Animas Mountains